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Established in 1993, the Myklebust+Sears studio is located approximately one hour downriver from Saint Paul, near the Mississippi River in Pepin County, WI.  We engage in sustainable practices in the creation of artworks, including using recycled and reclaimed materials, and utilizing low-impact production processes whenever possible.  Our studio is powered by an on-site 12.5KW PV array.  We are strongly invested in creating works that are extremely durable and low-impact in their long-term maintenance needs, and favor this type of work for inclusion in challenging urban environments.  Our 4,500 square foot facility is fully equipped for range of traditional sculptural processes and design work, including community research, visioning, and outreach, CAD rendering and LED lighting design.


Andrea Myklebust is a sculptor and alumna of Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. An architect's daughter, her work has included volunteer service in community development initiatives to encourage the creation of a lively public realm in towns and cities. 

Stanton Sears is a sculptor and a professor of art at Macalester College, St Paul.  He holds degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design and Penn State.  In addition to the fine arts, his training has included significant study in architecture and landscape architecture. 

John Myklebust, AIA, IESNA handles the lighting design, programming and installation of our projects which incorporate light as part of their design.

philosophy & experience

We create context-driven sculptural works which are made meaningful by reflecting the natural and cultural histories of their sites, and which are shaped by the needs of its end-users and the special circumstances of their locations.  We have many years’ experience working with community stakeholders in the research and development of public art projects.  We have worked as part of multi-diciplinary teams in many of our projects, collaborating with architects, landscape architects, engineers, lighting designers, and maintenance staff people to develop artworks which are seamlessly integrated within their sites.  Our depth of experience in a variety of sites has provided us with a deep awareness of best practices in the field of public art, and a commitment to fostering the creation of vital, effective art projects for the shared spaces of towns and cities.  

For more about the artists, check out the ebook A Material Education: The Art and Science of Stan Sears, published in 2018 by Macalester College.